Veritas Pro Clinical skincare formulations contain all of what you want, and nothing you don't.
We believe that what is NOT included in the skincare formula is just as important as what IS included; and because we are results oriented, we design products that beautifully deliver.

At Veritas we beleive in the transformative power of looking your best, and in empowering through education.
We just happen to be REALLY good at developing products that are powerfully effective, beautifully designed, and simple to recommend.
Veritas Pro Clinical products celebrate the marriage of scientifically proven pharmaceutical grade ingredients, botanicals, and leading edge ingredients to stimulate the development of healthy, flawless skin from within...all without including unnecessary ingredients found in most skin care products, that are harmful to the body.
Finally, you don't have to compromise wellness for results, or results for wellness.
Veritas is the professionals dream come true. A line of skincare built with integrity. Something to stand behind. True. Veritas