Our Beliefs


"We believe in the transformative power of looking your best. We believe in developing lasting client relationships and empowering through education. We just happen to be really good at creating skin care formulations that are powerfulleffective, beautifully designed, and easy to recommend."

- Devon Perry, Founder & President


Veritas was born out of both passion and necessity: A passion for helping people achieve their true beauty potential, and necessity due to the unwholesome quality of available skin care products in the marketplace. The skin and beauty industry is littered with products that contain unnecessary ingredients that can cause needless harm to the skin and body.

With a vast knowledge of ingredient science, and an innate understanding of how ingredients affect the skin’s physiology, Veritas founder, and President, Devon Perry, initially crafted her line of skin care products specifically for her Austin, TX-based clinic, MySkincare Boutique. Perry, a master educator and skin health consultant to doctors and skin care professionals nationwide, purposefully fashioned each Veritas cosmeceutical product to match her high standards in health-conscious manufacturing and results-driven performance. The response and results to the release of the product line have been nothing short of astounding (though not entirely unexpected).

Designed to complement the skin’s natural ability to renew, Veritas Bioactive Cosmetics are chirally correct skin care formulations that celebrate the marriage of natural botanicals and pharmaceutical quality bioactives. Free of parabens, phthalates, gluten, harsh chemical surfactants such as sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS), fillers, synthetic fragrances and dyes.

Veritas’ goal is to raise the standard in the cosmetic market place, while serving at the highest level, with truth (veritas), and integrity.



Looking your best begins with being your healthiest – Veritas Bioactives only uses ingredients that are healthy for your skin + your well-being. We are committed to manufacturing results-driven formulations of the highest quality using eco-conscious manufacturing practices.

Our research and development team seek cutting-edge innovations from all over the world to deliver unique formulas that harness breakthrough innovative science, clinically effective results and customer safety as top priority. 


Gold standard pharmaceutical grade actives and botanicals coupled with luxurious feeling formulas leave a lasting impression. An impression that is both measurably effective, and sensorial pampering. 

To set our professional partners up for maximum success – and deliver the desired results to our end users – Veritas Bioactives is dedicated to providing premium, product-specific education, as well as insight into advancements in skin health and ingredient science.


Simply put, our goal is to help you achieve your goals. To fast-track success, we have developed tools and resources for our professional partners that include in-clinic treatment techniques, master retailing sales support, business development + strategy, and results-coaching.