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INTRODUCTION TO CHIRALLY CORRECT CLINICAL SKIN CARE: Veritas Bioactives Ingredient Science + Product Knowledge

What is chirally correct skin care? How do chirally correct skin care products differ from clinical skin care products available in spas, doctors offices, and over the counter, and why are they superior? Veritas Bioactives products have been globally accepted and praised by all who have had the opportunity to experience them. Gain insight into the scientific advancements which enable Veritas Bioactives products to unlock the skin's natural ability to renew.

Benefits: Certification, training clinical white papers, clinical samples, live demonstration, Exclusive discount toward product purchase.

Veritas: BACKSTAGE (Beauty & Wellness Institute)
501 Oakland Ave, Austin, TX 78703

Price: $35
Dates: TBA
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Defying Age at The Genetic Level

In an age where technology seems to be moving at such a rapid pace that it is nearly impossible to keep up with, we have discovered skin care ingredients that deliver such intelligent results that you might think they were the innovation of Apple. Telomere extending technology is the latest innovation to rock the clinical skin care marketplace. These bioengineered ingredients deliver a high-tech "punch" at aging by preventing the unraveling and deteriorating of DNA and improving cell life for skin that is youthful 37% longer. Discover the science behind this cutting-edge technology, and how to successfully combine them into your spa procedures for elevated results.

International Esthetics Conference (IECSC)
Las Vegas Convention Center

Continuing Education Programs:

Advances in Retinoid + Peptide + Telomere Extending Technology

New leading edge advances in peptide and retinoid science are changing the way we formulate cosmeceuticals and subsequently the way we think about skincare. Discover the ability to prevent inflammatory induced aging, and turn back the hands of time by stimulating your own stem cells to produce growth factors. Finally, with new technological advances in retinoids, even the most sensitive of skin can benefit without the side-effects of irritation and inflammation, thus gaining the ability for new cell growth, and improved health and maintenance of tissues and skin cells.

Benefits: Pre & Post Treatment Products, Hands-on-Training, Training Manual. Receive a dual-chemical peel, Certification for Physician Strength Peels.


Advanced Chemical + Mechanical Resurfacing Level 1 - Multi-Modality Chemical Peeling 

Discover dual and tri-peeling techniques that convert simple chemical peeling acids into next generation facial skin resurfacing procedures. Minimize complications. Advance results. Increase satisfaction.

This is a CEU approved course, and attendees licensed in the state of Texas will receive 6 Continuing Education Credits upon successful completion.

Benefits: Pre & Post Treatment Products, 6 CEU’s, Hands-on-Training, Receive a dual-chemical peel. Training Manual. Certification for Chemical and Mechanical Resurfacing.


Advanced Chemical + Mechanical Resurfacing Level 2

This is a Medical Level Peel Class that will shift your knowledge to a higher level with multi-modality treatments for advanced delivery and greater clinical results; including chemical exfoliation, dermaplaning, PRP, and clinical micro-needling. Combination and layering peel techniques are discussed more in detail and performed in the class for hands on training .

Benefits: Pre & Post Treatment Products, Hands-on-Training, Receive a dual-chemical peel, Certification for Physician Strength Peels.


Master Retailing 

Learn how to lead your skin care practice effectively, and profitably, in any economy.  Increase your sales by 30-100% in the next 12 months.