Veritas Bioactives Décolleté Kit

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Your “décolleté” (neck and cleavage area) may be the most neglected skin on your body.

During the summer, most clothing leaves the décolleté exposed, making it susceptible to chronic UV exposure.

As we age, the wear and tear of sun damage to the décolleté begins to rear its ugly head.

Between the wrinkles, the sunspots, and the redness, it’s not uncommon for women in their 30s and 40s to simply give up wearing anything revealing altogether.

That’s why we’ve created the Veritas Bioactives Décolleté Kit.

For the first time, retail consumers have the ability to take home three of our most potent, age-defying products – including a professional grade peel.


Veritas Bioactives Décolleté Kit details

Step 1: Global a Peel
Usage: 1x per week

This refining creme utilizes pomegranate and alpha beta hydroxy acids to gently resurface the skin and smoothes skin texture. This is your secret weapon in reversing the signs of aging due to to sun damage

Apply to cleansed skin, massage in for 5-7 minutes for 1st time application to ensure the skin tolerates well. Remember, this is a professional grade product, so more is not necessarily better. For your second and subsequent uses, you can apply into the skin for 7-15 minutes.

Important: Rinse thoroughly. Alpha hydroxy acids are not self-neutralizing, and require the skin be fully rinsed to remove.


Step 2: Iconic Corrective-A
Usage: Daily, AM/PM

This scientific breakthrough in retinoid technology results in unparalleled wrinkle reduction and aging prevention, as well as decreased redness and inflammation due to sun damage, rosacea, and/or acne. Performs like a prescription Tretinoin, minus the irritancy.


Step 3: Honour Aqua Vitae
Usage: Daily, AM/PM

The closest science has come to discovering “The Fountain of Youth”. Turn back the hands of the proverbial ‘age clock’ with this breakthrough in DNA Repair & telomere extending technology. Ingredient rich with the best of the best actives, Aqua Vitae is the most emollient, sumptuous, and luxurious anti-aging cream ever conceived.

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