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Green Room

All of your Bioactives basics are here in one kit. Get ready for the limelight with our beginner's introduction to Veritas Bioactives. Delay and reverse aging with trial sized samples of our telomere extending technology and natural skin brightening formulas. Great for normal to dry skin types when skin tone and wrinkles are a concern.

Includes: Honour Aqua Vitae, Flawless Sulfate Free Cleanser, Flawless Brightening Complex


Curtain Call

Need a little more? We call for an encore! “Enough” is never enough, especially when caring for your skin. Perfect your skincare base to create your signature Iconic look and steal the spotlight with this kit. Especially fantastic for normal-dry skin types.

Includes: Iconic Corrective Cleanser, Iconic Corrective A Complex, C3 Peptide Complex


Red Carpet

The paparazzi won’t be able to keep their cameras off you! This kit will leave your skin so bright, you’ll be a blinding star. This is next level, beauty on blast, toxin-free skin care that will have them asking ‘what’s their secret?’

Includes: Iconic Corrective Cleanser, Supercharger Toner, Global-A-Peel, Flawless Brightening Complex, Honour Dewdrops &
Iconic Corrective-A.


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Natural flower and marine botanicals combine to cleanse, brighten, and purify the skin, revealing a stunningly healthy and radiant new you.


You Should Never Sacrifice Your Health For Your Beauty

For decades I’ve been a board-certified skin care practitioner… But when I discover that doctors were using toxin-filled products to clean my newborn son (born 13 weeks prematurely and just 2.5 pounds)... I made it my mission to ensure everyone could have access to clean, healthy skin care.

Our Founder,

Formulated for

Common ingredients in other wrinkle and collagen-boosting creams can quickly disrupt your hormones and your health. Veritas Bioactives advanced formulations can help you naturally unlock clear, youthful, beautiful skin, and even
delay aging.


I am a business owner, keynote speaker and author. As a speaker, and one who is often in front of a camera, how I "appear" is important. I work with only Devon Perry to help me take care of my skin using her grade A skin care products. In the past I've used products like Obaji, Replenix and SkinMedica, but nothing has had a better effect on my skin than Veritas Bioactives. I know this because I'm told on a regular basis that I look years younger than my actual age. Any women over 40 loves to hear they look like they are in
their 30s! 

- Krisstina Wise,
Concern Anti Aging
Product Aqua Vitae

I’m purchasing the Flawless Cleanser for my sister who has sensitive skin that sometimes breaks out, I’m certain it will help her too. I’ve struggled with acne since I was a teenager, and this is the longest I’ve ever stuck with a routine because it works. The Iconic Corrective A is like liquid gold, because it takes care of my acne. I tried another brand recently and it only took three days before she began breaking've created something phenomenal.

- Kristen Cordell
Concern Sensitive Skin
Product Flawless Cleanser

As a thirty year old male, I recently developed an ongoing case of Eczema around my eyes. I've tried various pharmaceutical creams with good results but felt I wanted to pursue a natural approach. After meeting Devon, I decided it would be a worthwhile venture to experiment with the effectiveness of her Corrective C and A Complex. In two days I have seen significant improvement in reducing inflammation around my eyes. I am extremely excited and hopeful for continued success using these two products. 

Joseph Reyes
Concern Eczema
Product Corrective C3 & Corrective A

After having two kids and after years of being on the go, my skin needed help. On the recommendation of friends, I met Devon Perry, and my life (and my skin) has been changed forever. My skin has never looked better, has a youthful glow, and is camera ready without having to apply more makeup (and take more time out of my day). I would recommend her skin care line to any of my girlfriends or family members. 

Heather Campbell
Concern Skin Care
Product Serums & Moisturizers

Veritas is everything you desire in a product line. Your skin is your largest organ and your skin absorbs 60% of what you put on it into your bloodstream within 26 seconds. Veritas is safe, formulated without harmful toxins, effective, and, well, it's sexy. Plus, they test on humans, not animals. I highly recommend the monthly facials, your skin will radiate ... you'll look younger, vibrant, and fresh. My go-to-can't-live-without products -- Corrective Repair Creme and Pore Perfecting Polish.

Deanna DeShea
Concern Anti Aging
Product Corrective Repair Creme and Pore Perfecting Polish.

I started using Veritas about two months ago and my skin has never been so even-toned and clear. I will never go back to anything else.

Liz Coufal
Concern Skin Care

My skin is 65+ years old with years of sun damage. Skincare products that produce results are of paramount importance to me. I have replaced my skincare products with the Veritas products as they are released. So, I’ve been using the products beginning in 10/2012. I can honestly say, I’ve never used products that produce better results. The products feel good on my skin and are readily absorbed. Fragrance is minimal, except in the Iconic Corrective C-3 Peptide Complex which has a wonderful “orange” fragrance. The number of products required to achieve results is easily manageable. Anyone has the time in their busy schedules to use these products.

Ann Keyser
Concern Anti Aging
Product Corrective C3 Peptide Complex

Devon, I've started using your products for 2 days and it's absolutely amazing.The active ingredients listed are unique. Haven't seen this combination so far and I'm a long time chemistry orientated label reader… btw: It felt like I was having a facial orgasm using the scrub.

Dr. Maria Mackey
Concern Skin Care
Product Exfoliators

So it’s been a week on Veritas and… I LOVE IT! My skin looks amazing, and I’ve gotten so many compliments. And that’s just from using the 3 step sample kit. I am truly impressed & excited! 

DeeAnne Oberle
Concern Skin Care
Product Skin Care Kit

The Secret Behind Our Non-Toxic Formulas

True skin rejuvenation requires clinically proven, healthy ingredients and expert guidance to ensure you’re using the products that work best for your particular skin.


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