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Chiral Chemistry

Chiral Chemistry (Chirality) - Let’s talk about it!

Skin care products that formulate using Chirality are - by nature - designed to give your skin more effective, more pure, and considerably safer ingredients.

As you probably know, the skin the body’s largest organ. What you probably didn’t know is that the skin has millions of chiral receptors – they're on every single cell!

These receptors are sensitive to and greatly impacted by what you put on your skin. If a skin care product contains a sub-optimal chemical, your skin may become irritated, red, dry, etc because of these receptors' sensitivity. 

This is important because when it comes to improving your skin fighting the effects of aging, it’s vital to decrease inflammation (inflammation compounds the rate at which your skin ages). Therefore, beautiful, youthful skin requires that you avoid any inflammatory chemicals in your skin care products.

How can you avoid these nasty chemicals?

You guessed it – By choosing products that formulate Using Chiral Chemistry!

What exactly is Chiral Chemistry?

The word "Chiral" refers to a phenomenon discovered by Louis Pasteur back in the 1850's. While looking through a microscope, he observed that molecules were divided into two asymmetric sides that were mirror images of each other: 

There's a left side, referred to as the "L" side, and a right side, referred to as the "D" side. ("L" stands for “Left.” "D" stands for “Deuterium,” which is Greek for “Right.”)

Here's where things get interesting: 

The receptors in our bodies, whether they be skin cells or brain cells or heart cells, perform much, much better when they connect up with a specific, matching half of the molecule. 

Science tells us that our body’s receptors are picky (selective). Some receptors prefer only the "L" side, others prefer only the "D" side. 

When an "L" body receptor is paired with a "D" side of an ingredient molecule, bad things can potentially happen. The cell has to use excess energy to understand and “deal with” the mismatched ingredient, resulting in either no change, or worse, irritation, inflammation, etc.

But, when an "L" body receptor is paired with an "L" side of an ingredient molecule, the result is a perfect match, and very good things happen... All the way down to the cellular level! 

So, when you choose skin care products that use of this "molecule separation" technology (Chiral Chemistry), you get the full benefit of the ingredients used. Better still, you’ve more or less wiped out the potential for adverse reactions. 

Bottom line?

By separating the molecules and designing products that fit perfectly with the body cell receptors, the products are just more effective with better results.

How can this help my skin?

Products – Like Veritas Bioactives – that formulate using Chiral Chemistry produce healthier, more supple, more hydrated, and younger-looking skin.

With Chiral Chemistry you get:

  • Increased antioxidant protection
  • An increased rate of cellular renewal
  • An increase in collagen and elastin
  • An increase in cell function and skin efficiency
  • A reduction in free radical formation

So why don’t all manufacturers produce products that are Chirally Correct?

The process of Chiral Correction is considerably more time consuming because of the degree of difficulty required to produce a Chirally Correct molecule. Time equals money, so to keep costs down, most products manufacturers opt to formulate using sub-optimal ingredients.

It’s a sad truth, but a helpful distinction when choosing skin care products. 

For the health and youthful longevity of your skin, make sure that the products you choose are formulated using Chiral Chemistry.