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Licensed Professionals: Aestheticians + Physicians

Finally, you can achieve results without compromising long term wellness. Veritas is dedicated to the safe manufacturing of clinically effective skin care formulations, that you can really get behind with full certainty that the products will deliver a corrective result, without causing side effects caused by other professional pharmaceutical grade skin care lines.

Veritas Bioactive Cosmetics celebrate the marriage of time tested and proven pharmaceutical grade ingredients such as; retinoids, vitamin c, and alpha-hydroxy acids; plus, botanical actives and leading edge science in wholesome, body healthy formulations. 

We use only plant derived surfactants and preservatives that are plant derived. Never any parabens, sulfates, dyes, phthylates (hormone dysruptors). 

Licensed professionals should contact to apply for exclusive pricing and continuing education, in topics such as; advanced skin resurfacing techniques, ingredient science, retinoids and telomere extension technology.