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Why Retinol Is Just What Your Skincare Routine Needs

Why Retinol Is Just What Your Skincare Routine Needs


“I use retinol and retinoids in my male patients all the time,” says Melissa Kanchanapoomi Levin, M.D., a dermatologist at Marmur Medical in New York.


“As a matter of fact, men are more likely to have enlarged pores and inflammatory acne, as well as premature aging due to sun exposure, and retinoids are my go-to for those issues.” (In case you’re wondering, retinoids are a more potent version of the vitamin A derivative that you can usually only get through a prescription.)


Michelle Henry, M.D., a clinical instructor of dermatology at Cornell, also adds that retinol and retinoids can help reduce razor bumps as well. “Your mid-20s is a great time to start using a topical retinol,” Henry says.


“Retinol will help fight the collagen loss and pigmentation changes that usually occur in your thirties.” The New York dermatologist recommends applying retinol after you wash your face at night (as vitamin A degrades in the light), followed by a rich moisturizer. She advises that if irritation occurs, as it often does with this potent ingredient, simply skip a few days in order to let your skin calm down.


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