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Holiday Glow Up

holiday glow up


Introducing the "Holiday Glow Up" by Veritas Bioactives: Your Passport to Timeless Elegance

Unveil a luminous transformation with our exquisite skincare collection, the "Holiday Glow Up" from Veritas Bioactives. This limited-edition trio is meticulously crafted to infuse your skin with newfound radiance and undeniable allure, making you the star of every festive occasion.

🌟 Experience the Magic of Clean Beauty: 🌟

Our "Holiday Glow Up" bundle is your invitation to clean beauty at its finest. Each formula is a testament to our unwavering commitment to purity, providing you with a guilt-free indulgence. Say goodbye to toxins and hello to a world of luxurious, results-driven skincare.

🌿 Elegance Meets Science: 🌿

- Step 1: Cleanse (we suggest the Iconic Cleanser or Flawless Cleanser *not included)
Embrace the power of professional-grade alpha hydroxy acids as they work in perfect harmony to unveil your skin's inner luminance. 

- Step 2: Global a Peel -  Pore Refining Elixir
Let your skin breathe freely with our pore-decongesting actives. Achieve a flawless, refined complexion that mirrors your inner vitality. Your pores will thank you for this exquisite transformation. Apply for 5-30 minutes 2x weekly. 

- Step 3 AM: Iconic C3 Peptide Complex - Our Light Weight Triple-Vitamin C Peptide Active Lotion for Face, Neck and Eyes. Apply daily. 
  Reduce fine lines, replenish moisture, strengthen elasticity and firm with camu camu plant-derived antioxidants, orange stem cells and collagen-producing peptides

- Step 3 PM: Date Night - Refine and Radiance Creme

  Refine the skin in a matter of hours with the application of our Iconic glycolic creme. (It's a hot date and the product tingles for 5 minutes upon application. Do NOT wash off). Apply with the frequency that matches the decade of your age. For example, 2x in your 20’s, 3x in your 30’s, 4x in your 40’s and 5x in your 50’s and beyond. 

🌺 Enchantment in Every Drop: 🌺

Each product within "Holiday Glow Up" encapsulates the spirit of elegance and allure, all within an enchanting, clean embrace. It's your ultimate secret to flawless, ageless beauty, for women and men alike. 

🎁 The Perfect Gift to Yourself or Loved Ones: 🎁

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