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How to Fight Acne Breakouts and Signs of Aging

A couple weeks ago, Devon sat down to discuss two commonly asked questions: “How do I fight acne breakouts?” and “How do I combat the first signs of aging?”.

In the Facebook Live video, Devon voices an all-too-familiar frustration when it comes to skincare products. She says that the majority of products are either for one or the other- never one that combats both acne breakouts and signs of aging.

Well, look no further! Veritas Bioactives has several products that address skin issues that cause acne as well as fight visible signs of aging.

What Causes Acne Breakouts?

As we age, our cellular turnover rate slows down. Cell turnover is the process during which new skin cells are formed; these newer cells then travel from the bottommost layer of the epidermis, all the way to the very top layer where they shed off. This process prevents dead cells from visibly accumulating on the skin’s surface. A slow turnover rate causes our skin to lose its healthy glow, making it appear dull.

When you combine slow turnover rate with high oil production, this is a recipe for acne: Oil combines with cells that are launched into the skin causing an acne breakout.

How to Prevent and Treat Effectively

Increase Cellular Turnover Rate

The most important thing you need to do is increase your cellular turnover rate as much as possible. This can be achieved by using a combination of salicylic acid (a beta-hydroxy acid) and an alpha-hydroxy acid. This combination will both increase the cellular turnover rate and reduce the appearance of wrinkles and sun damage.



Reduce Inflammation

Up until recently, treating acne with Tretinoin has been the most commonly recommended way to treat acne. The problem with products containing Tretinoin have a tendency to increase inflammation and in some cases, they have the potential to make certain skin conditions worse.

Veritas Bioactives offers a first-of-its-kind product called Corrective-A Complex. It is part of the Iconic line. The complex is a retinoid. Retinoids are chemical compounds that contain Vitamin A or are related to it chemically. Its performance is closest to prescription-strength Tretinoin and other cosmetic topicals. Unlike Tretinoin or Retin-A, the Corrective-A Complex decreases inflammation, brown pigmentation/discoloration, and uneven skin tone.

Combat Skin Discoloration


If you’re experiencing increased brown skin pigmentation or other signs of skin discoloration, consider trying Veritas Bioactives’ Brightening Complex. This product is preventative and deals with post-effects from acne breakouts. You can apply it both morning and night to the whole face (not just affected area).


Overproduction of oil gives us the feeling that our skin isn’t clean. This leads us to over-cleansing our skin. This wouldn’t be an issue if most cleansers didn’t contain harmful substances that destroy our skin.

Other cleansers geared towards fighting acne breakouts usually contain sodium laurel sulfates. They remove essential lipids in a harsh manner, stripping them unnecessarily. These products communicate to the body that the skin isn’t producing enough oil. As a result, your oil production goes into overdrive.

Veritas Bioactives’ Sulfate-Free Cleanser contains plant-based surfactants, which are gentler on the skin, and does not have the harsh properties these other cleansers do. This product is combined with an alpha or beta-hydroxy acid and works wonders. It does not strip skin, only removes what impurities need to be removed from the skin, and speeds up the cellular turnover rate. The end result is evenly balanced cleansed skin.


Skin care products that offer hydrating benefits often contain emollient ingredients- meaning they are derived from harmful petrochemicals. These products trap dead skin cells in pores which further contributes to acne breakouts.


Our solution is the C3 Peptide Complex. This product contains 3 different forms of Vitamin C which brightens the skin while combatting skin pollution. It also increases collagen production which bolsters skin elasticity by using plant-based stem cells.

Pore Care

Acne breakouts start with the pores, which act as gateways for pollutants. Our Pore Perfecting Polish exfoliates the skin and does not contain aluminum oxide crystals that are often present in other pore cleansers and contaminate our waterways. This product is a natural alternative to microdermabrasion (which opens the skin up, leaving it susceptible to foreign invaders).


The beads are made from bamboo and act as micro exfoliant crystals in tandem with Lactic acid (an alpha-hydroxy acid). This type of acid has been proven to reduce sun damage, make skin smoother, and eliminate foreign substances which cause breakouts.

Fun Fact: It is said that Cleopatra’s beautifying treatment consisted of bathing in sour milk, which contains Lactic acid.  

Sun Protection

Another culprit that causes high oil production is brand-name sunscreen. Veritas Bioactives’ Ultimate DNA Defense-Antioxidant Sunscreen is SPF 30 and zinc-oxide based. It is part of the Honour line. In it, you will find no chemical ingredients which promote acne. It helps combat a shiny t-zone and acts like an oil absorber throughout the day. It is a pure formula that will never cause your body any harm.

The holidays are upon us! Give the gift of beauty with Veritas Bioactives!