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Simplicity. The Key to Unlocking Male Skin Health

Simplicity. The Key to Unlocking Male Skin Health

In the realm of male skincare, simplicity is the key to education, lifestyle integration, results and ongoing dedication.  Males are by nature, focused and minimalistic in their approach to obtaining and maintaining their health. Therefore, multi-functional skincare products, such as an all over anti-aging moisturizer that can be applied directly to the eye lids are smart choices for men; because they eliminate an additional step, saving the gentleman time, as well as the purchase of a secondary product or eye crème. Other results driven skin care formulas, such as a multi-purpose cleanser like Veritas’ Iconic Corrective Cleanser, invigorates and exfoliates the skin with peppermint and alpha-hydroxy acids. Simultaneously polishing the skin’s texture, supporting a closer shave, and reducing ingrown beard hairs.

When coaching your male client’s on caring for their skin, a simple, two to three step regimen focused on purifying, exfoliating and protecting the skin is an optimal treatment path for improving male skin health. Too, it is important not to box a man in with a complicated am + pm regimen. For example, a man may prefer to apply his PM skin care products in the afternoon or evening after his daily exercise regimen; rather than at the vanity just prior to going to bed, such as most women have been educated to practice. This habit is absolutely acceptable, and may more easily accommodate his lifestyle, therefore making the practice of applying skincare products a part of daily habit…and as we all know, healthy habits are the key to obtaining and maintaining healthy, handsome appearances. 

Here is an example of a simple skincare regimen for your masculine counterparts: 

Step 1 – Cleanse with a purifying + exfoliating sulfate-free cleanser. I like the Veritas Iconic Corrective Cleanser because it invigorates the senses with peppermint and spearmint and wakes me up in the morning.

Step 2 – Hydrate and protect the skin with a multifunctional daily anti-oxidant moisturizer that can be applied topically to the face, neck and eyes twice daily; eliminating the need for a separate eye crème. I enjoy recommending the Veritas Iconic Corrective C3 Peptide Complex, because of the lightweight feel of the product, and its anti-oxidant and anti-aging properties. Best of all, it eliminates the need for a secondary eye crème because it can be applied directly to the eye-lids.

Step 3 – Protect the skin with a mattefying, broad spectrum solar shield containing zinc oxide for ultimate sun protection. Men don’t typically enjoy the shiny appearance that most sunscreens cause. The Veritas Ultimate DNA Defense SPF 30 is free of chemical sunscreen ingredients, and offers a matte, active-wear friendly alternative to other sunscreens in the marketplace, that leave the skin looking shiny, white with residue after working up a sweat.


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