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Before contacting Veritas please check below for answers to common questions we've collected from our valued clientele.

The skin is the largest organ of the body, and the way in which you care for it shows! A licensed skin care professional can help you choose the best products for your your Veritas Bioactives skin care regimen. Our three core products provide a solid foundation for general skin health. These products are our sulfate-free cleanser, our antioxidant peptide + plant-based stem cell moisturizer, and our physical sun protection:

Flawless Sulfate-Free Cleanser
Iconic Corrective C3 Peptide Complex
Honour Ultimate SUN Defense SPF 30

For additional correction, a skin care professional can help you best choose the serum/concentrate which is targeted to your skin condition.

Lightening + skin brightening: Flawless Brightening Complex
Anti-aging + redness reducing: Iconic Corrective-A Complex
Sun damage + rough texture treatment: Iconic DATE NIGHT
Exfoliating + blackhead eliminating: Flawless Pore Perfecting Polish

We don’t use synthetic chemical preservatives. Once your product has been opened, the “half-life” is 1 year. We know that you will be so satisfied with your Veritas Bioactives products that they will never make it to expiration.

Your purchase will be released for shipment within 48 hours from the time that payment is received in full.

We too want to be certain that the proper Veritas products are selected for your skin type. Schedule a complimentary consultation by phone by emailing us at or call us at 800.954.7590 from 10am - 5pm CST Tuesday - Friday.

Yes, this is the same great formula. Due to the natural ingredients, and production of small “boutique-batches” of our formulas, the color may vary from bottle to bottle.

Chiral technology allows our chemists to select and utilize only the side of the ingredient molecule that is going to produce the desirable benefit, and exclude the molecule side that is ineffective, or may cause side-effects. This results in more highly concentrated formulas, faster absorption, and greater targeted results.

Learn more about Chiral Chemistry HERE

These “mini-proteins” are active molecules which increase the thickness of the skin by stimulating collagen production, or replacing collagen you’ve lost as a result of aging. Collagen is what gives youthful skin its plump, taught appearance. As we age collagen production slows down, so if we use signaling peptides to tell the skin to make more collagen, our skin acts younger, and wrinkles are lessened. Some peptides (neuropeptides) block the signal from the nerve to facial muscles, and have a relaxing effect on the muscle. This results in temporary smoothing effects, similar to Botox®.

At Veritas Bioactives, we are passionate about developing innovative formulations, which are body healthy, bioactive and effective skin care products. Plant-based stem cells have the ability to differentiate almost endlessly, while repairing and replacing damaged skin cells.

Sodium lauryl sulfates /Sodium laureth sulfates are detergent sudsing agents that are in everything from hair shampoos to aggressive household and shop degreasers. They break down protein (hair and skin are made of protein), and cause unnecessary stripping of the skin. At Veritas, we believe that SLS’s do not belong on your skin. Learn more about our formulations HERE.

Parabens can imitate the estrogen hormone, influencing high levels in the body, which may be linked to breast cancer. Studies have found that parabens increase breast cancer proliferation. At Veritas Bioactive Cosmetics, we believe that parabens do not belong on your skin. Learn more about our formulations HERE.